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Another K12 post--History? Science? Anyone use these?

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I might have dd do K12, and I'm looking at all their curricula now--can't hold it in my hands, tho.


I don't know what she'll test into, but we'd like to do Moderns for history, and bio/life science.


I saw the chicken wing demo on the site, and that would be right up her alley. Any experience with k12 life science in middle school?

History? They use Hakim, but I don't know what they "do" with it.


Idk, it sounds good, but I just don't know. As i posted on the math thread, I can get it all for $500, and to have teacher support, too, sounds like it would work. We could add to it (I'm thinking more fiction and religion).

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We used the middle school life science. I would highly recommend that you get the advanced version, as the regular version is a bit light (the advanced version wasn't available when my son used it).


As for the history--grades 5 and 6 use Hakim. But grades 7 and 8 use their Human Odyssey series that is fabulous. I haven't used the course, but I did buy the texts separately and was extremely impressed.

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