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X-Post from Logic Board: Please help me with Lang Arts


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I know I sound whiny. My head is about to explode, though. Please would the Hive be willing to help me come up with a solid LA program for my older 2. They work on the same level. I just have no clue what I am doing. I was having them work through Oak Meadow 6. For other reasons and the amount of writing required was too daunting for them and me, I had them stop.


Currently, this is what they are working on:

Math: J (14, not hs yet) - CLE 500

S (just 12) - LoF (I am switching him back to CLE.)


The rest of this they are both doing.


Sci: Apologia General Science with lapbooks/notebooks/lab pages by Knowledge Box and Live&Learn Press


Vocab: Vocabulary Cartoons for the SAT Book 1 (It works better as a just read for fun book, though.)


Hand: HWT Cursive Sucess (seems to organize their minds. They like it.)


Writ: They started The Paragraph Series Book 1 by EPS but I don't know if I should have them continue or not. I think I need to just give in and get IEW. So what level do I need of the Student series?


Gram: NOTHING (no R&S. Too religious but it is so good!)


Spell: NOTHING (and it is bad. Not doing AAS again.)




Hist: NOTHING (I told them we would take a break for a while. We have all had enough.)


Logic Prep: NOTHING


Lang: NOTHING (I can teach French. Canadain would be nice. If Latin, it needs to be fun and have DVDs for every lesson.)


Art: NOTHING (I like Atelier, though)




I am happy to have settled for math and science on series that they can stick with from here on up. What would ya'll suggest for the rest?

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well with my 3 boys, here is what we have settled on doing.

some of them had a hard time with grammar so we i gently intro it

as we read, like in 4th /5th grade. Winston grammar has been our favorite then as it is hands on and visual. there are two levels. I also add Easy grammar lessons and then daily grams in high school to keep them reviewing. they have done well with this approach.


cant rec IEW highly enough. and i hear your reluctance. there was a huge learning curve for me but it has been very much worth the time and effort.

great grades in college! at their ages the level B would be a great place to start. then B continuation, after that C continuation. we have done elegant essay between B cont and C cont. Do do know that you need to get the teachers dvds and notebook!? Dive in! not only is the water fine but there is alot of help esp over at the yahoo group. it is so much easier to use these days with all their daily lesson plans.


we have used and like lightening literature by hewitt. My new favorite is


teaching the classics http://www.centerforlit.com/default.htm


can be used with any novel then any grade!!!. it is a seminar for the teacher but when my kids are in about 8th/9th grade we do it together.


hope that helps some.


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Thank you, Teresa


That was very helpful. I bought IEW SWI B and Phonic Zoo A (mine cannot spell, poor guys). I will look at Winston. Right now, with having 3 littles I really need something theu can do on their own each day. Is Easy Grammar like that? How do the Daily Grams fit into it? What do I need to teach it?

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