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Does RS place value/Base 10 produce tears for anyone else?


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Ugh! I am so frustrated right now. We are in Lessons 30-35ish of RS B, which is teaching place value and building/adding place value with Base 10 cards, and for DAYS we have had nothing but tears at math time. Its gotten to where if I pull out the Base 10 cards I get moans and whining, then waterworks.


I just don't get it. This is a kid who is incredibly intuitive at math, who understands place value easily with real numbers, can quickly do SM number bonds, number lines, any MEP pattern you throw at him, or MM addition without manipulatives, etc. But for some reason Base 10 cards are his nemesis. Its like the thought of seeing all those numbers built out and traded up freaks him out, even when he could identify them with real numbers (except for the trading part, although he knows cognitively that 10 ones = 1 ten and so on up to thousands).


What can I take away from this? Does this mean he needs more work conceptually on the skill of place value? Is that developmental where we should park on this spot and come back to it? Can somebody tell me why Base 10 cards are so crucial? Why is he crying and why don't kids come with instruction manuals?

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Is he upset because he doesn't understand or because he doesn't want to do the cards? My DD hated those cards, but she understands that when you get to a ten, you have to trade up. She just didn't want to use those [insert expletive of choice] cards. lol Sorry, I can't really help you. We had some resistance to those lessons, too. It sounds like he already understands it, if I'm reading your description of how he handles it in MM and SM. If that's the case, I'd just ask him to tell you how to do the math, rather than make him do those cards over and over. DD did a little better with actual base ten blocks (I have no idea why). She just HATED those cards.


Editing because I re-read it. So he doesn't really know how to do the trading up? Could you do it some other way? Maybe with money? That would be the same concept. The only problem with money is that it's harder to really see that $1 is the same as 100 cents or that $10 is the same as 1000 cents. But if that wouldn't be a problem for him, maybe that would work better? I'm not really sure. We just soldiered through it. I almost gave up on RS during those lessons, though. lol

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