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Teaching Other People's Children?

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I started baby sitting this week, for a 10-month-old little girl & her 4-year-old brother. The little boy will be 5 next month, and they've enrolled him in our local PS for kindergarten in the fall. DS is already working on kindy-level work. (I think I like the idea of schooling January through December, taking breaks as needed throughout the year.) Should I do the same work with the other boy, or make it optional for him? I'm worried that if he's running about (like 4-year-olds do), I won't be able to get the 15 minute "bursts" of seat work DS & I are used to getting accomplished at a time. When we have read-aloud time, everyone's included... Should I do the same with everything & just have him go through our regular schedule with us?

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It's a sweet thought and a great idea. But, there is a lot to consider one of which is that he will go to PS kindy a lot more prepared than the other kids and possibly way ahead. This kind of flies in the face of the "everyone do the exact same thing at the exact same time with no one child too far behind or ahead" mentality of many public schools. So, there can be issues for him that his parents will need to consider if he goes to school in the fall already well beyond his peers.


I think it would be wonderful but, the parents need to be the ones that make that decision. You should show them the curriculum, explain in detail what "school time" would be like, and your expectations. If they want to go ahead with this, they should pay for any consumables...you shouldn't have to take that out of your pocket.


It could be a real blessing to this little boy, but definitely his mommy and daddy need to make that decision.



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