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We left swiss cheese out all night, is it still good?

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Sometimes cheese left out will "sweat" or get hard on the edges - that is, the texture may change, but it won't hurt you. If the texture makes it unpleasant to eat, you can always use it in something where it gets melted.


And if hard cheese develops visible mold, you can just cut it off and eat the rest. (Sometimes "old" cheese gets an icky smell/taste - again, won't hurt you, but won't taste good either. That's the stuff I ditch.)

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Cheese doesn't actually need to be refrigerated. It got to be cheese by being unrefrigerated. Refrigeration keeps the molds at bay, though, which is why we refrigerate longterm.

But one night out? No health problems for hard cheeses.


Yes. This. You don't actually NEED to refrigerate hard cheese.

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