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Snow, AGAIN?

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Living in GA, we don't see snow every year here. This morning is the third snowfall that we've seen since Christmas Day! Granted, it's only an inch, but enough to delay schools for 2 hours(icy spots on the roads). I am so tired of the cold and ready for spring!!!!! We have had a very cold winter(for us), many weeks not getting out of the 30's....and yet it is 60 this morning in Daytona Beach, FL:glare:. I know those of you that live in the northern states are making fun of us wimps in the south!:001_smile: I am very sorry for the winter you all are having! Now to work on dh on moving to central Florida(not working so far)!:lol:

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My sister just moved back up north after 6 years in Louisiana, and she's starting to see why no one had any sympathy for her when she would complain about how "cold" it would get in the winter. I'm looking out at the 2 feet of snow that has been sitting in my backyard since Thanksgiving, and watching the flakes gently landing on my car, and knowing I'm going to have to go out and brush it, and scrape the half inch of ice off the windshield (YET AGAIN!) Yesterday, we had a high of 19F. I'm finding it difficult to put myself in your shoes. :lol:


However, I do realize that when you're not used to something, it seems so much worse! I hope we all warm up very soon!!!


C'mon Spring!!

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All of you in Georgia can thank my sister for your snow. She moved there from Michigan and as soon as she moved the Atlanta area had record rains, now record snow, etc.


She did the same thing when she moved from West Michigan over to the east side---suddenly they have more snow, colder temps, less sun, etc.

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