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High school sports in public school when enrolled in home school charter HELP!!!!

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Hi there,


This is a cross post. I an trying to help a friend whose daughter is enrolled in a home school charter be able to swim on the public high school swim team whose district she lives in. Unfortunately, we have just started looking into it and the hs swim season has already started. Background; her mother Is the assistant coach, she would be their biggest asset as a swimmer and team member, so.. The coaching staff wants her but the school and district say it has never done this before and doesn't think it is possible. My guess is that this is and has been done before. I need examples of how this works and where. They need specifics. We live in Monterey, CA so we need examples in CA. Hopefully this will pave the way for all kinds of kids enrolled in our home school charter.


Feel free to email me directly at julieonthego@hotmail.com


Thanks so much (in advance)!


Julie in Monterey

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I've just run into a similar situation here in Florida. We are part of a local umbrella school. We turn in lesson plans to them, as well as grades and attendance. They do not dictate curriculum, but we have to meet credit requirements for our students to receive a highschool diploma from them. Because we report to the umbrella school, my son is considered a private schooled student even though he receives his instruction from me. I wanted get my son involved in the local highschool band and football, and was informed that this is how it works in Florida. Below is a link that gives more details on how this is interpreted here.




Good luck.

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in Texas, we have no oversight to speak of, but our students cannot participate in any way in ps or private school programs.


I know some states let the districts decide if they want to accomodate homeschoolers or not.


This would be a wonderful chance for this particular school district to set their own rules regarding this sort of thing. It would help pave the way for future homeschoolers who wanted to participate.


My dd has been involved in soccer since she was 4, but she's never been able to play at the local school. She has been on a club team. But, for soccer, that's okay since college recruiting is done from the club teams anyway. She played on a high school homeschool team as well...for fun. Anyway, she will be playing Division 1 soccer in college in the fall...so if that is part of the goal, it may not really be necessary to participate on a "school" team.



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Have you checked with your state's high school sports association? I was initially told that dd couldn't swim with the high school team. I knew better, but to back up my point I found the state rules for our state. In our case, it meant submitting extra progress reports, which was worth it for us.

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Here's an article to get you started: http://www.hsc.org/teensports.php

Lori, you are a wealth of information! :thumbup1:


Since I'm in FL, it probably won't help you. We have never hs'ed under an umbrella school because I knew it would close the door to school sports. My son played basketball at the public middle school in 7th and 8th grade and just finished basketball season in 9th grade at the public high school. Keeping informed about the state high school athletic association was helpful. We have to fill out some additional paperwork and we're welcome to participate.

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