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I Really Don't Like February thru April

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I am generally really organized with homeschooling. But lately...I have been dropping the ball constantly.


I don't have supplies on hand for the extra stuff the boys are doing in their lessons (recipes, craft things, BRADS, etc.). I haven't even looked at the lesson plans to see if they need anything additional in weeks. :001_unsure: And grades? I've graded the tests, that's it. Sure, I've looked over the worksheets to make sure they're "getting it", but I haven't graded anything. And before anyone tells me not to worry about the grading, I do 'report cards' (Dh and the boys like them), and I need those grades for an accurate grade.




I feel lazy. The thing is, I'm helping Dh with the operations of our (3) businesses, household chores, meals, balancing the budget, and have planned two birthdays since January - with one more coming up soon.


Instead of buckling down and getting organized, or grading papers, I've got my head in the sand surfing the message board.


This happened to me last year too (my first year of homeschooling). I wonder if we shouldn't take vacation time during Christmas? It's just too hard to get back into the rhythm of school. And once we reach "Lesson 100" I know we're over halfway done and I'm looking toward the end of this year (maybe a little too much LOL).


Do others get this burned out feeling during the spring?


Thanks for letting me vent a bit. :)

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Our homeschooling schedule has been very messed up since December (son's wedding, two weeks later open house, packing, trying to find a house, moving, settling in)...yeah. I think I feel sort of disorganized every year from Thanksgiving through early January.

Right now I'm calling it cabin fever, but in a few weeks I'll call it spring fever! :lol:

You're probably searching the message board to gain what you think is "me time". It is just a temporary fix, at least for me it is temporary.

Have you considered the schedule of homeschooling 4 days a week, for six weeks, take one or two weeks break, then back at it for six weeks?:001_smile:

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We're in our 5th year and usually Jan and Feb are the stinker months for me. I was so not looking forward to it this year and shared my feelings with DH. I was pretty disappointed in the lack of stuff we'd accomplished during Sept-Nov because of curriculum choices that didn't work out, sickness, life, etc. So he said, well as long as you report to the state on time for test scores and NOI, they don't care when the year starts and ends right? I confirmed this and his response, "so start the year over, then Jan and Feb will be the WOOHOO it's a new year" month and then the stinker months will hit in summer, and you'll be able to jazz it up with more field trips and fun outdoor things to get over the hump" I thought it was brilliant and that's just what we did.


I know this won't be a possibility for everyone, but just wanted to share that you're not alone and sometimes a crazy idea to change things up just might be what's needed.

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Yeah, we're always on a roll at the beginning of the year and then at the half way mark, we do a nose dive. I think it's that break around Christmas that does us in. This year a lot of factors were involved. It's also harder for me to get up in the mornings this time of year for some reason.

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