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RSO Earth and Space rock kit question


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I am figuring out where to order my supplies from. I will need to place an order with Rainbow and also with Home Science Tools.

My question comes in concerning the Rock Kit. If you ordered from Rainbow, did you get the more expensive one or the less expensive one? I plan on ordering it from Rainbow, since either is cheaper than the one at Home Science Tools. Were you satisfied with whichever kit you purchased from Rainbow?

If you ordered the one from Home Science Tools, were you satisfied with it.

Thanks so much!!!

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I bought the $16.95 one. I don't remember seeing the other one last summer when I ordered. Honestly, the cheaper one looks fine. I just glanced at it but it looked like it includes all of the necessary rocks/minerals for RSO. I'd go that route after making sure. I like the plastic case better than the box the more expensive one comes in.

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