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Follow-Up: What I Learned from my Thread about "Taken Off Guard By Comment."

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Thanks everyone for the feedback on my thread about "Being taken off guard by the comment someone made about my daughter not being able to relate to other teens."


1. I shouldn't have responded and simply asked the question back "Why did you say that?" As many people pointed out. That would have been much more mature on my behalf and less defensive. Doing so would have given the person and opportunity to defend his comment as many pointed out. Best advice yet!


2. I certainly wasn't implying that all teens are terrible. I am surrounded by high caliber teens and think there are many great parents still doing a great job both inside and outside of the homeschool community.


3. I know my dd's teacher thinks she is fantastic. I am sure that he has questioned my out of the box thinking on homeschooling and a variety of issues that I have engaged in, in his mind on more than one occasion. His children were very successful both in high school, college and in their personal lives, I am sure that he has questioned my approach because it is different than his choices were. He treats her with respect and values her opinion.


4. The most important thing I have learned from the feedback you posted is to not worry about comments and concerns. I have no reason to believe that I should take offense to this situation. I think mentally, I overreacted.


5. I have no reason to believe that my daughter doesn't fit in, since there are plenty of people to choose from in the entire group, outside this particular class setting. She has never displayed any reason to not want to participate and has gone out of her way to make others feel accepted and welcome. She is mature for her age and her interest are probably more on a college level. I am well aware of that. But that is her personality and from her upbringing. I have other HS kids that are grade appropriate and even have to be reminded.


6. I realize how much I miss not being on the boards! I appreciate the feedback and your support!


Blogging today on "TIME- The New Currency"

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