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Generally do most people who snore also have sleep apnea?

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I'm trying to get dh to try to get a CPAP machine-I am losing so much sleep with his snoring it is a quality of life issue, and he had a previous heart attack, so I know apnea is dangerous for people with that so they'd prbly give it to him if he does has apnea. I know he snores, but I'm guessing they only give a CPAP for apnea (and be covered by insurance) and I have no idea if he has that.


So how likely is apnea if they are snoring?

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Does he stop breathing in his sleep? If he's keeping you awake, then watch and listen to him and see if he stops breathing.


A CPAP is really a wonderful thing. I used to sleep very poorly and wake up numerous times in the night. Breathing into the mask puts me into another world, kind of like the feeling you get when you start breathing into the anesthesia mask at the dentist's office. I can sleep straight through the night now.

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Does he wake up gasping? Does he get quiet then. A loud snore? If yes most likely it is not benign snorring. My husband has that. If he has heart issues most likely he has apnea. If the tired snoring and heart issues won't get him to the dr let him now that he is risking his ability to be able to um do tea as his stuff won't work.


Carol who watches people sleep for a living

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This man stopped snoring on a potato diet:




This talks about a possible connection between dairy and snoring:




I'm sure it's frustrating. Good luck as you seek a solution!

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My dh has sleep apnea. He snored every night and I had to use earplugs or I couldn't sleep. He asked me if it sounded like he was stopping breathing at night, and I couldn't really tell. It wasn't very obvious...just sort of a subtle change in breathing.


But when he was tested he DEFINITELY had sleep apnea. So, I am leery of spouses trying to dx sleep apnea.


Encourage your dh to be tested. It's not a big deal. If insurance covers it, it's really not a big deal! He just goes to a sleep center and....sleeps. I have no idea why my dh made such a big fuss and wouldn't go for so long (years!). And his cpap is quiet and only covers his nose, so it's not a big deal to wear.

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