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cutting the carbs and in withdrawal!!!

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I only lose weight if I limit carbs. I don't cut out fruit or squash or anything but eliminate grains and limit potatos. Works great. Only issue is there is currently REALLY good birthday cake in my house. Cake that I made from scratch. Don't get me wrong, i ate a bunch of it this week already. I actually have eaten more than a person should, no matter what their weight. So I have no reason to feel sorry for myself.


But it's 11:30pm, the baby is finally asleep, the house is quiet, my dh is out of town on business, and MAN would a slice of cake be decadent right now!


But I'm being strong. I ate steak for dinner so I'm not hungry. Just greedy :)

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Thanks, that helps! I do allow myself a small piece of 85% cocoa chocolate each night, so I just had that as my indulgence.

Yes!! That *will* help.


And I always have to physically remove the temptation from my sight if I'm to have any hope of avoiding it.

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