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Alphabetizing when numbers are involved - which comes first?

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If you were making a list of companies in a directory and one of them began with a number (such as 6th Day Enterprises), where in the list would it come? Do you put it at the beginning of the list before all the companies that start with the letter A? Do you put it where it would be if it were spelled out (Sixth Day Enterprises)? Or does it go someplace else?

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According to Wikipedia you would sort them alphabetically as they would be spelled.



Thank you! I tried googling it but my choice of words/wording gave me websites for putting things either in numerical order or alphabetical order, but not when both numbers and words were involved.

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It would be alphabetized according to how the number is spelled.


Former directory assistance operator here: master of alphabetizing. :D


And FTR, names which begin with "Mc" are alphabetized after names that begin with "Ma." They do not get a category all their own at the beginning of the M's.:glare:

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