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Why the Kindle is the best thing EVER!

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I received a Kindle for Christmas, as did my mother. Not a huge surprise. Mom and I both love to read. What surprised my mom, however, was how much my dad kept borrowing her Kindle to "check it out". So for his birthday in late January, she bought him his own Kindle.


My dad graduated from high school in 1969 and went straight to work - no college. I have never seen him read a book in my life. Today, I got this message from my 60 year old dad:


"I have read two books on my Kindle since my birthday. The first books I have read in more than 40 years."


I told him that I will know what to buy him for Father's Day now - an amazon gift card!! :) And I will be forever grateful for the Kindle to getting my dad to read!

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That is really wonderful. I'm so happy for your dad.


I love my Kindle, too. Dh got it for my birthday and it has made reading a joy for me again. I have always loved reading, but it was becoming so frustrating for me because of severe floaters in one of my eyes, but those floaters almost disappear on the kindle screen. I'm reading more than ever now.

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