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Allergy shots to help rashes???

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When I took m daughter to the allergist in December, he did testing on her. Well, bless her heart she reacted to EVERYTHING including the control ones. Her back was one big hive which took a couple of benedryls and creams to get back to normal. They said she had some kind of a condition where you can just scratch her and she welts up. That said, you could tell that she definitely reacted to trees and grasses most. This past summer, she and her brother ran through the high grass and she just had shorts on and she had hives where the grass touched her. So, they suggested allergy shots. Now she occassionally sneezes but nothing like my oldest. The flonaze (sp?) that I give her keeps her sniffle free. The problem is her skin. It doesn't take much to give her a rash. Would allergy shots help that?? I mean other than when the trees are blooming and there is pollen, she doesn't sneeze very much and it doesn't bother her. But in March/April when the cars are covered in pollen, I have to give her daily antihistimin, eye drops and steriod cream for her rashes that devolop over her body. I've managed to keep her from taking oral steriods by doing this. From ages 2 - 5, I had to take her to the dermatologist and she was so bad he gave her oral steriods. If I keep on top of it from the beginning, I don't have to. I guess I don't see how allergy shots would help skin problems...



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I have no idea about allergy shots. I am sorry for you and your daughter - that is awful to have such a reaction:( My dd started getting skin sensitivity hives around age 4, and at 8 she still gets them. We give her a dose of Zyrtec every 1-2 nights to keep it under control. Otherwise, her body just breaks into hives. It's very weird. After spending about 2 hrs talking to the allergist, he determined it was caused by skin sensitivity (which sounds like your daughter gets the same thing; if scratched, they welt up). My dd also gets pressure hives (if pants are pressing into her skin, it will hive around the pantline), and virus hives (first sign she's getting sick). I can trace the worst of this starting up about 6 weeks after her age 4-6 vaccines. We have never been able to do a skin allergy test because she has to be on Zyrtec full time. In order to get the skin allergy test done, we have to take her off of Zyrtec for 10 days. Since this all began, she has never been off of the medicine long enough for testing - the hives flare up too much.

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I had that same sensitivity and yes, shots helped me tremendously across the board for allergy symptoms, including rashes. My allergies just kept getting worse in childhood and were very severe by the time I was out of college.


Most people do need to continue on meds while taking shots until the shots are effective, then they're able to scale back and/or discontinue.


Only you can really decided whether it's at a point that you want to go the shot route.

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