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Please help Alg1 curriculum


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My daughter has finished her PreAlgebra book.

So now I need an Algebra curriculum.

Is Kinetic Algebra worth it? Does it teach the math or just give fun problem bits with a cool animation? Has anyone found it too easy, too hard, not enough meat?

I was using Scott Foresman Pre Algebra, it is very similar to how I learned math in ps. So I am comfortable with it.

Are there any other good Algebra programs out there?

I intend to have my dd take the Agebra 1 test next spring (May 2012) with the ps kids. She will be going into the ps high school after next year.


I am not a fan of Saxon.

I use Singapore for my 4th grader. But do not like the NEM.

I want my dd to be very ready for Geometry and Alg 11 in high school.


Thank you so very much.

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Well, I'm not there yet but I can maybe point you in a few directions. The most popular names I hear on this forum are Chalkdust, Jacobs, Foerster's and Lial's. You might try doing a search over on the highschool board or even cross posting this question over there if you don't get a lot of responses here.


At least I'll give you a bump back up to the top!

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I love Kinetic Books for math.


My middle dd used their Algebra I right after it was first released and is using their Algebra II right now.


You have several options for buying KB Algebra I.


The homeschool version is $50 right now and will get you a one-year online subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The homeschool version has everything that's in the regular version with a few added features. The added features are an actual gradebook (with the regular version you have to go to each page to get the score for that page), all the work broken up into daily lessons, and an introductory video for each lesson.


I've never used the hs version. It was released right after I bought Algebra II for my middle dd.


You can buy a one-year online subscription to the Algebra I program. This is the regular version (doesn't have the extra features in the hs version) and costs just $40. There is NO guarantee with this one.


You can buy a cd-rom that times out after one year and can only be installed on one computer. It also costs $40 and has NO guarantee.


The final option is to buy a cd-rom that times out after 6 years. It costs $60 and has NO guarantee.


I would have my youngest using their pre-algebra right now, but she won't have anything to do with computer-based programs.


The program is solid and covers everything that is typically included in an Algebra I program and even goes a bit farther (like covering systems of 3 equations with 3 unknowns and optimizing values with inequalities).


The program does actually teach the math. The only times I have to get involved are when my dd gets an answer wrong and can't figure out why.

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Thank you moms. I have heard of Jacob's. I will dig deeper.

I was actually told not to put her in Algebra because she was too young. If I go slow she will still be in it most of next year anyway. And Algebra is being taught to 7th graders all over the place. Anyway she's ready so that's all that counts.

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