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computers for kids

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I was thinking, after we get our tax return, of possibly getting the kids each some sort of little computer. Either setting it up where they have their curriculum on there computer (I have ebooks that their curriculum is on saved o my computer, so I could put a copy on theirs) and can look at what they do each day. Then they could get online and do their research or read the stories in their curric ebooks on their own. Or maybe start a blog where they can look each day, and I can say dd1 does this and dd2 does this.

That way maybe they can do their work a little more independently so I can have more time with ds.


Does anyone else here do soemthing like this? How do you have it set up? What kind of computers do you recommend?

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My DS got a Netbook for Christmas. He loves it. We have it set up in our living room and my husband is a network administrator/engineer for a living, so he set up the Internet so that he could (and I quote) "DNS the heck out of it" to keep DS from any sites we don't want him seeing. I giggled the other day when I noticed that even an ad for Facebook was disallowed. Works for me. Anyway, he has a whole folder of links that he loves to visit, and I have several links for school added as well - Minimus, StudyStack, and Dance Mat Typing come to mind. The other week he was coloring the picture of the Kremlin from SOTW and wanted to know what it really looked like. I told him to look it up, and he did. He was amazed and spent about half an hour just reading about it. I've been very happy with it, and so has he.

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