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I thought about posting this last night and this morning I see another TT question so I think this is timely. DS2 completed TT Algebra 1 & 2 and he is now taking two classes at the public school, one of which is geometry. Near the beginning of the school year he didn't like the amount of homework and asked, "Why didn't I stay with TT?" Well, first quarter he received an A. Yesterday he came bursting through the door after class exclaiming, "I got a 100 on my midterm!"


Now, I am going to answer two questions that you might have.

1. Why did you choose the sequence algebra 1 & 2 and then geometry? Our school system suggests geometry between algebra 1 & 2. Years ago I read that the former sequence was better and chose to do that sequence with my dc. It worked with DS1. Next year DS2 will take algebra 3/trig.

2. Why didn't you continue with TT at home? I would have done so without any reservations. DS is very social and asked to go to ps part time. Math and foreign language were the best class choices for this schooling option.


Thanks for reading and I hope this gives someone encouragement.

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Yay! I love reading these types of posts. Very encouraging. My ds used TT alg in 7th grade, TT alg II in 8th, and is now using TT geometry in 9th. I'm always a little concerned when I read posts that say TT is behind or not as rigorous and I wonder if I made the correct choice doing alg II before geometry. These last few TT posts have been a confidence booster. Thanks for posting!

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