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Coming back to homeschooling


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Hello all. Haven't been here in a while. Kind of popping in and out at times.

My daughters had the opportunity to attend a private school this year which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Problem is they are shutting down the 7th and 8th grade at the school due to lack of enrollment so my oldest won't be able to attend. It was very heart breaking for her as she is a social bug and really enjoyed it. She admitted at times that she missed me but she sure did enjoy the experience.

I'll admit I missed my girls but I wanted them to be happy to. I set aside my feelings for my daughters' feelings.


Anyways with the school shutting down our only option is homeschooling. We have only one high school in our area and its HORRIBLE with a capital H. The stories I hear from the parents that send their children there, things I've even seen and experienced when going over there for various reasons makes me not to ever want to send my daughters there. Unless I want to be a grandmother at an early age. Just the other day a friend of mine was telling me that one of her friends who is a teacher over at the high school was telling me that the teacher was pregnant. Anyways, that one of her 12 yr old students came up to her and asked her when she was due and turned around and said " Oh I'm due the same time you are!" AHHHHHHHH!!! No way am I sending my kids there.


I know for a fact my daughter is the sheep and she would be eaten up there. So to speak. My oldest is 13 but she is a young 13.


Anyways, we have no school choice as far as high school is concerned. There are no charter schools out where we live, nothing like that. Our high school has a monopoly. The private school my girls go to used to have a high school, then that shut down. Now its getting to a point that parents have become so greedy that they throw their kids in the high school so now the private school is shutting down their 7th and 8th grade. I won't be surprised if the private school itself eventually closes at some point. Between PreK and 8th grade this year they had 69 kids altogether.


So back to homeschooling we go. Of course I could keep my other girls in there but that's just to much for us as a family. My youngest has medical problems that require us to travel and so forth and so I would have to pull my oldest and youngest out. I might as well keep my other two home as well. Because this coming year is going to be a surgery year for my youngest which will require us to travel to Cincinnati for.


My one problem with homeschooling is the lack of homeschool support in our area. Homeschoolers are very antisocial around here. I don't know why. They just are. They are always to busy to do anything, make friends etc. So it was the one reason I did allow my girls go to school because they are social butterflies and love to be around kids and no one was interested in getting together so my daughters had some free time to really play and enjoy friends. They felt lonely.

We've gone here and there, they are involved in things. It will be tougher for my oldest because there is just Nothing out here for kids over the age of 13 as far as activities goes. Except for swimming. We've traveled to the city but in the winter its not a good thing to do. We live in the heart of the snowbelt so traveling to the city for any homeschool group activities is not always possible. Plus when traveling out of your area people tend to not come your way so when my children make friends the parents whince and whine about having to travel our way. That was our only con about homeschooling.


Just kind of feeling like I can't really win in this situation. I'm looking forward to homeschooling but not forward to trying to find that outlet for my girls to socialize with their friends.

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