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Easy Classical Copy Work


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I can't see any samples of this online. Does anyone use this? Is the 4th-7th grade cursive? What are some of the quotes for copying?




There are 36 lessons. Each lesson has three days worth of copywork. I have the Early Modern time that I purchased to use next year, so we haven't actually used it yet.


Here is a quote from lesson 1 Day 1:Building a canoe

The birch bark canoe was the most beautiful and ingenious of all the Indians' inventions. It was broad that it could float in shallow streams, so strong that it could shoot dangerous rapids, and so light that one man could easily carry it on his back.

(Day 2 continues)


Lesson 16 Day 1: Life on a Plantation

There were hundreds of acres in that plantation. Master Lewis had a heap of slaves. The overseer he had a bugle, that he blew to wake up the slaves.

He blew it long before day, so they could eat breakfast and be out there in the fields, waiting for the sun to rise so they can see how to work.

(then day 2 continues)


Lesson 36 Day1:The Missouri Compromise

Missouri was admitted to the Union as a slave state, but in the rest of Louisiana Territory North of the degree of latitude 36 30' slavery was forbidden for all time.

This was called the Missouri Compromise; comprise meaning as you know that each side gave up something.

(then it continues with more info. with days 2 & 3)


There are also quotes and information about people in history; Lewis & Clark, Magellen, John Smith etc.

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