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TT 3 (my thoughts)

Beth in SW WA

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For those curious about TT 3, here is my experience with the program.


Dd6 finished Horizons 1, Singapore 1 and MM blue supplements around Feb 1'ish. She is now on lesson 63 of TT 3.


She did 2 TT lessons & 1 quiz today -- which took about an 1 hour. She writes out each problem on graph paper (a valuable skill she doesn't work on when only doing worksheets/workbooks).


The topics covered are similar to the second half of Saxon 2 & the first half of Horizons 2. I would describe TT 3 as basic 2nd grade math.


We have covered regrouping, multiplication, geometry topics, place value, etc, thus far in other programs -- and thankfully these topic will be reviewed often on TT.


I'm pleased with the explanations in TT 3. We will pick up Singapore 2 (and possibly finish RS B) in a couple months. For now, I'll let her have fun with TT.


I love the ease of use -- although I am sitting with her during each lesson. It's a conversation, as with any math program at this young age.


TT is not a program to plug in & go. Mom or Dad needs to be keenly aware of the progress (or lack thereof). :)


Hopefully this will help someone trying to decided whether or not to give TT a try.


(Dd 7 has used TT 3, 4 and is now on TT 5 in combo with other 'Asian' math methods.)

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