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s/o potty humor...for boys only?

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My girls LOVE potty humor and I actually find many of their jokes quite funny myself. (I've even joined in the fun.:blush:) They have NEVER used this kind of humor in public or with friends. It is strictly a family thing. Some of my funniest memories with my dad involve potty humor so I don't discourage it at all within the family. I come from a family of two girls and two boys and we all participated ~ it wasn't for boys and/or boys' ears only.


In the other thread many moms mentioned how it wasn't acceptable to do in front of them. Is this because you are raising little boys and want to convey the message that it is not acceptable in front of girls/women or that you really don't think girls/women should have anything to do with potty humor? I'm just curious because I have a really good friend and when I told her about something my younger said she seemed appalled that I would allow it but I know her son has done the same thing.

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As I said in the other thread, I don't want to be the only one who isn't laughing- my dd certainly laughs too, though she rarely instigates the jokes. She is just good humoured. I have noticed that she sometimes looks at me because she doesn't want to offend me- hence my own decision not to make a fuss at all and to laugh if that feels natural. (OK< sometimes I do roll my eyes!)I dont want to be sour and morally righteous while everyone else is having a good time :)

I didn't really grow up with a lot of potty humour- my family was open about nudity and even farted freely, but it wasn't considered funny- just natural. So its not really a morally righteous thing for me- it just never occurs to me that things like that are *that* funny. But I think they are funny to kids *because* they are forbidden to some extent. ANd to men like my dh, whose mother would have been mortified and definitely would have tried to control it, its not wonder it is still funny.

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It's never really bothered me if they do it in front of me. If it's just a joke or two, I ignore it for the most part. If they start getting carried away, I'll say "Alright, that's enough." And they'll stop. This includes my 10 y/o daughter who finds "potty humor" quite funny, herself, AND my 5 y/o son.

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My girls love potty humor. I can't stand it.


Apparently my DH thinks it's funny in private, but we forbid it in public. When I say "potty humor" it's probably pretty innocent. Just on Sunday, in fact, I joked to Chad that the girls seem to have their own little game of "Six Degrees of Separation" -- from the first giggle, it only takes six sentences for one of the following words to come out of their mouths: bootie, bottom, t*nkle, etc...


He regularly engages them in "your bootie is soooooo big, that...." joke contests.



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We are a potty humor family. To the extent that there was a time that my mom told me I needed to train it out of my girls because otherwise they'd attract the "wrong kind" of guy. So I trained the kids that this was one of those things you don't do around Nana. Problem solved. They do know potty humor is just for family or really close friends. Honestly, I don't notice it too much anymore, unless we're around my mom.


The thread the other day. When she was saying her hasn't grown out of potty humor, my first thought was "and your husband has?!" Seriously. That's where it comes from around here.

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This exchange occurs every few weeks at my house:


(Me doing dishes, folding laundry, or something equally boring.)


DH: Knock knock...

Me: Who's there?

DH: Poop!


(He leaves the room, and I giggle away.)



I could see it getting old if it was a constant stream of potty humor, but I freely admit to laughing at the occasional poo joke.

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