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Apologia 1st and 2nd editions?

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Is there a big enough difference between apologia first edition and second edition to make it worth buying the second edition?


Specific to general, physical, and biology?


And do you have to have general before physical? For an 8th grader who is comfortable with science?


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I was talking to a rep about this when second editions were first coming out a few years ago. She told me that they were enough different that you couldn't use both in a co-op type class. It all needed to be one or the other. But the first edition was fine to use. I'm keeping my first ed general around until my youngest uses it. :)


I don't think you have to do general before physical. Both my girls detested general and did much better in physical. I don't know why they hated it so much though.

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I've had both Physicals. I had heard that co-ops couldn't mix, but later I talked to local folks who had no problem doing that. And on comparing them myself, I have to agree.


I think 2nd ed. has more color photos, a couple more experiment instructions, and has little marks to show what CD segments to watch, which are all nice. But it only amounts to stretching out a couple of chapters onto another page.


The only real change, IMHO, is the chapter summaries in the back. They are fill-in-the-blank summaries of each chapter for review purposes. I tried to make something like that myself with 1st ed., so I liked seeing them. But actually the ones I made didn't really turn out that useful for ds, so I'd have to try it to know whether it is useful for my child.


I hope someone else chimes in, because I could be making errors here, but this is to the best of my recollection.


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Hey Martha,


If you are purchasing this year, I would go for the 2nd edition. There are plenty on the used market. But, the 1st edition is fine. I'm most familiar with the biology editions. I've taught a co-op several times and I had families that used the 1st edition, though I was teaching from the 2nd edition. There is little difference in the content. The biggest difference is in the graphics. Charts and diagrams in the 2nd edition are much better and the charts and diagrams have integral information to the course. I think the layout and color photographs were better in the 2nd edition as well.


You absolutely do not have to do general before moving into physical or biology. In fact, none of the Apologia books are prerequisites for the others. Each book stands alone. Not a big fan of general, so I vote to skip it.




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We have a small science 'group' of 4 families using the Physical Science book, and 1 student was using the 1st edition - until we found that several entire experiments were added to the 2nd edition so they were missing from that student's book. We looked closer and found that even within some experiments the instructions and materials were different. The 2nd edition is much better.

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