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MUS users, re: Zeta and Pre-Algebra

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What was your dc's pacing like on these two levels?


We've used Primer through Epsilon. Epsilon has taken the longest to complete.


I need to order Zeta and I'm wondering if I should just order Pre-Algebra too since shipping is high with MUS products?


Also, ds has never used the MUS blocks and only used the fraction overlays a handful of times. Did your dc use the decimal inserts in Zeta or was watching them on the DVD enough?


Trying to fine tune my order. ;)


I would order both together. Epsilon did seem to take us longer - at least a week per lesson. My kids are flying through Zeta/mammoth math (2 MUS lessons a week without problems). Even doing both MUS and MM together, we will be able to get both Zeta and PreAlg. done this year. We didn't use the decimal or fraction inserts.

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I can't remember too much about the pace of Zeta and Pre-Algebra, other than to say they were probably faster than Epsilon.


I can definitely remember that we have NEVER used the algebra inserts (except when my 5yo decides they are fun to play with).





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We never use the decimal inserts. In fact, the only times I've tried they have been a huge point of confusion. We loved the fraction overlays, but we started at Epsilon and I don't think we had enough introduction to blocks to make the decimal inserts any value.


As far as pacing - that is very individual. Ds flew through Epsilon then slowed down for Zeta but completed them both in one year. Dd took nearly a year to get through Epsilon, but just passed the 3rd Unit test in Zeta, so it is moving faster.


I've only done Pre-Algebra with ds. He did LoF pre-algebra/biology first during the summer and did MUS Pre-Algebra in 5 months.

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Zeta has taken dd a little over half a year to finish. (She could have finished sooner but we spent several weeks not doing math. She never used the manipulatives for Zeta or for Epsilon. In fact she didn't even use the dvds. If she didn't understand the lesson from the TM then I would sit down with her and go over it.

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