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Small windfall of fun money for MOM! Help me find something to buy?

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We have a small windfall of money, most goes into savings, and we are a frugal family. My kids and hubby are into archery, so they bought new bows and supplies today. I went with them, took pictures, enjoyed their enthusiasm and will scrap pages.

I love scrapping (do it digitally) and have all that I need for this hobby.

My family now wants mom to get something for mom.

I am looking at the thought of something that might help me organize homeschool, my computer online job (I am an on line personal secretary for a well known designer), and I do the bills for our family.

So, my fellow homeschoolers and managers of homes, I need your recommendations.

I am fine computer wise, and have two screens now.

So if you can toss out some ideas that I can ponder

I am wanting to find ways to organize in a way I can have one side homeschool, one side business and then a rolling area for finances.

I hope I am making sense!

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Unless you consider work and homeschooling your "fun" something for organization isn't just for you.


What do you love to do or would you love to do? Is there a class you could sign up for? An overnight or weekend trip you could take? A ridiculously expensive pair of shoes you have been admiring? Try to find something that is just for you.

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