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I haven't been here in an age, due to a pregnancy, move, flooding of our new home, rebuilding, a new baby. Oh, and homeschooling, too.


We lost all of our bookshelves due to the creek that came to visit, uninvited I might add, to our home. Our house had between 2 and 3 feet of water in it for most of a day. The IKEA bookshelves that I loved disintegrated right before my very eyes.


Our books are currently in plastic bins on the floor. Bookshelves would be a huge improvement. I have space for shelving and really want to make a homeschool room that will be functional and wonderful. But, I need shelves. And, I worry about the particle board in the IKEA shelves. Funds are an issue, though, and so I look to my WTM peeps for advice on bookshelves.


So...what bookshelves do you like? I previously had Bonde from IKEA and liked them well enough. I'm looking for more options and would love to hear your thoughts? Pics would be great, too. :)

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My DH made bookshelves from old slat beds. He got the beds from the secondhand shop for about $8. they had very large pine slats, one of them had slats a foot wide. He then turned the bed-frame up against the wall, and turned fitted the slats into the frame as shelves. They work very well, and it was a very cheep way of getting wood.

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If you don't anticipate another flood, I would go with IKEA. They are versatile and easy to assemble. We have the Billy Book cases and I'm very happy with them.


I'm so sorry to hear about your flood. What a nightmare! But happy to hear about a new baby! Congratulations!


We still live in the same flood zone, and it's possible. The city is working to try to buy us out, but I dunno if that will turn into anything.


And the baby is wonderful. Her name is Mayim, Hebrew for water.


I think we were living nearer to you for a while, out in Wylie, but we're back in the house now. I think it's better than when were in Wylie, driving back and forth every day, but I miss having a kitchen.

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