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Trendy teen clothes/accessories

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I need to know where to buy some for my Eldest, soon to be 14 yr old boy.


He kinda digs the skater look. I'd say he's some mix of skater/bmx/punk/grunge/goth LOL


I'm hoping to get him some Chuck Taylors. He already has some Vans, so, we'd have both 'sides' covered there. I'm wanting to get him some kind of jewelry. He's always finding or fashioning some sort of necklace, bracelet or ring. I'd like to get him something that fits that bill for him but...is nicer. You know, no tid bits put together from trash found on the parking lot. ;)


I just don't have a clue where to shop. I don't shop. We don't shop. We don't browse the mall or anything.


Any help appreciated.

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I don't know where you are located and what stores but these are the ones we have. They also sell girl clothes so I've been in them a few times.


Pac Sun has a lot of skater type boy clothes. Added bonus, they are pretty inexpensive and have sales a lot (buy one get one free jeans).


Tilly's and Zumiez are the other two we have around here. I haven't been in them as often but my dd tells me they have those kind of boy clothes.


Spencers and Hot Topic will have some stuff, mostly accessories and t-shirts but, trust me when I say you do NOT want to go in either of those stores. If there is something in particular you want, check online but both of these carry some truly inappropriate stuff.

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