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Plz list favorite learning game to buy for ages 7 and 10 together (any subject)


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I pulled out my old Yahtzee game and showed my kids how to play. It teaches them to strategize and to count multiple numbers. It says for ages 8+ but my 6 yr old can play it with minimal help but math is his strong suit.


We have the Scrambled States and Great States. My dd loves these.

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Here's a few more we've played in the past few weeks that we've enjoyed.


  • Totally Gross
  • Think Big Science
  • Endango
  • Amazing Animal Trivia
  • Great States Jr. (and Great States)
  • Money Bags
  • Sum Swamp
  • Snap Circuits
  • Brainbox (we have USA)
  • Frog Juice (favorite card game)
  • Zeus on the Loose

Here's what I got on the way for tomorrow and Wednesday via Rainbow Resource and Amazon. Obviously, we haven't had a chance to play them yet, but I researched these thoroughly and can't wait to get them.


  • Amazing Mammoth Hunt
  • 10 Days in the USA
  • Postcards from America
  • 7 Ate 9
  • Rory's Story Cubes
  • Name that State/Name that Country
  • Apples to Apples Kids
  • Eco Fluxx Nature Game
  • Art Shark!

I suppose I should admit I've been on a huge educational gaming binge this past week, so your timing was perfect for me to list these. :)

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Ticket to Ride.


My 5 year old can actually play it with a bit of help finding the cities at the beginning, and it is interesting enough that my husband and I enjoy playing, too!


My husband enjoys playing Stratego 4 with them, I do not care for it too much. You have to have at least 3 players for it.

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As discussed in another recent thread, I would recommend Transamerica over 10 Days and Ticket to Ride for a 7yo. 10 Days has the advantage of being able to reuse the state cards as flash cards.


Take It Easy (http://www.amazon.com/Robinson-Gamestore-Take-it-Easy/dp/B001MSNNXK) is less competitive than most strategy games, and is fun for adults. It will help with basic multiplication and addition. For the older student, they can work on mentally summing products.


We introduced Ubongo (http://www.amazon.com/Z-Man-Games-7015-Ubongo/dp/B000P17YIU/) when we covered shapes in Singapore 1A, but it's really not all that different from various ThinkFun puzzles we enjoy. We just let our daughter try to solve the puzzles on her own.

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