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My daughter wants to know . . . using a flotation device to sled?

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This is OneFunOne! I have a really big, really cool flotation device in the shape of a sea monster. The rubber is fairly thick but not tire thick. It's thicker than your average floatie but not so thick that I'm not afraid to use it on the snow.


I have a sled and I already tried to sled on it but it just sank in the snow.


Do you think sledding on my water dragon will pop it? I really like it. :confused:

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I wouldn't do it if he's really important to you - the ones for water aren't usually as tough (plastic, seams) as the ones for snow and you might wreck him. The plastic may also harden and crack in the cold.


If the snow is deep enough that your sled is "sinking", then there might be too much snow for sledding there...if it's just a little sinking but not going anywhere, the hill might not be steep enough...


We used all manner of things for sliding as kids - including cardboard, thick garbage bags, and plastic .. I don't know what it's called... thick plastic that you'd use to cover things outside, like a tarp but not the blue or orange, it's clear. Most of those work best on a really steep, fairly worn/icy hill though...ummm and this is where I'm supposed to put the disclaimer and mention that we also didn't have bike helmets and rode around in the backs of pickup trucks. :p

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