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Military RIFs - headcount...

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Last week, DH got notification that the USAF is re-starting the RIF process. He got more info this morning, and it looks like JAG will be affected by RIFs starting at the Captain (O3) rank and promotion board changes.


Yergh... I hate this waiting game. I need to take a :chillpill: pill. Looks like we'll know more in 2 - 3 weeks.


Anyone else know more?

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Sorry, I don't have any info for you as I'm no longer active duty. I was active during the first few rounds back in the early 90's, though, and was also in a targeted career field. It was Very Stressful, as you can imagine. I had a friend who was RIF'ed and knew another woman who was so stressed she decided to take early retirement rather than risk RIF. (She was a prior-enlisted senior captain and in a targeted career field, so kind of a double jeopardy for her.)


I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

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Dh is Army and they're just only promoting 25% in his MOS. If you get passed up for promotion twice, you're out. His first look at promotion is in a few months and I'm so stressed I swear my hair is turning gray.


Sorry you're dealing with it. It sucks.

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My husband is USMC and I haven't heard of any RIFs but promotions are going soooo slow. DH was selected for promotion to O4 around Christmas 2009 and is still waiting for his number to come up - likely it won't be until the end of the year. We have several friends who have been passed this year as well and one who is being forced out for being passed twice.

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:grouphug: I'm the wife of an employee of HQ AF here (my DH doesn't want me to get more specific :001_smile:) He works at the Pentagon. I don't remember where you are, but from your blog I figure you're in my general geographic neighborhood. I called my DH and he sent me an email that went out last week. Probably no different than what your DH got. But they are looking at people who came into the AF in 1999-2005. They don't know yet how many people from each year group will be RIF'd. My DH says a board will meet and look over the records to make a decision. The email said the results will be released in July 2011 with mandatory separation of 1 Oct 2011. There is a webcast on Friday, Feb 11, at 12 EST that will present more information and answer questions. The Online News Service should have more information about where your DH can watch this. Your DH should know how to get info about this if he doesn't already have it.


Don't panic yet :grouphug: They will be looking at individual records to make this decision; it isn't random. :grouphug:





ETA: Feel free to PM me if you want.

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i couldn't remember the word for when officers 're-up'. my dh is an officer so again I should probably know. what is mos?


(eta some stuff)

Officers do not re-up at all. Their time is either undetermined when they can get out or they have an active duty service obligation (ADSO). MOS=military occupational specialty. BBB's dh is a JAG officer, a lawyer. The really annoying thing is that even if he has a service obligation they can put him out and make him stay in the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve) until he fulfills his service obligation. We know people to whom this happened and were later recalled to active duty.


I'm sure BBB doesn't mind slight hijacking. :) Being a military wife is *always* a learning process.

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It's always amazing to me how it goes back and forth. We have too many X, let's pay them to get out/force them out. Whoops, we don't have enough X, now the rest of you can't get out, we're going to stop-loss you. :tongue_smilie:


Good luck to your dh, BBB!




They do one, then wait a few years, then do the other.


dh mentioned something about the major boards being more selective this year...i wonder if this has to do with the RIF.


It's all related...too many people are staying in because the economy is bad: people that would normally get out and get a civilian job as just staying in, so they have to promote less people and force out some people, they are mandated by law how many people total each service can how and how many at each rank.

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We know a number of families who worried about this right now. I left the federal government on a RIF in the late 1990's, and it was a very stressful time while they sifted programmatically who they supposedly needed/didn't need and looked at the grades, time in service, etc. For me it was actually the right thing at the right time, and I've never looked back, but for some it was a major hardship. Thankfully there were a lot of internal and external job fairs that placed a number of the folks before the final ax.


Indeed it is a myth that federal employees and the military have no worries about losing their jobs!


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