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Reading Aloud Question


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My ds (2nd grade) reads really well. I'm not sure at what level - he just reads what I give him. He has speed down - he can read a Magic Tree House book in less than an hour. And when he reads out loud, it's actually pretty fluent.


What I'd really like to practice with him is HOW to read out loud - where to pause, where to read quicker or slower, where to show emotion .... So my plan is to pick shorter passages from good books or bits of poetry and show him how to read it out loud, then have him practice reading it to me over the course of a week or two. I hope this is making sense. ;)


My question for the hive: Does anyone have any suggestions for books or poems to use for this?


I'd like to have a list of passages ready to go before I start this, so that I'm not just haphazardly grabbing books off the shelves each week. :)

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WWE is "Writing With Ease". The abbreviations are tricky for me, but I DO know that one. I try to type everything out when I post.


For now, I just model good reading when I read aloud to my kids at bedtime. I encourage DS to slow down when he reads to us--it's a lot easier to understand then. We're on the Ramona books right now, and those are very good for me to model expressive reading. Plus, how I read teaches them what some words mean. For example, I can read,


" 'Ramona!' Mrs. Quimby said in exasperation."


They will understand something of what "exasperation" means because I read "Ramona!" in an exasperated tone.

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