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Has anyone read To the Edge of the World by Michele Torrey?


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This book is recommended in the SOTW Vol. 2 Activity Guide, and I borrowed it from the library for my 13yo to read as we study about Magellan et al. The little description in the AG says that it makes for a great family read-aloud.




First we came across two guys getting into trouble because they were caught, um, "together." OK fine, whatever...my 13yo has some language issues, so maybe he didn't pick up on this.


Well then we move on to a section about the main character meeting one of the native girls, kissing, caressing, "I love you," blahblahblah. Sigh.


Is there more of this in this book? I can have him skip certain sections if the rest is OK, but sheesh. Just NOT the sort of things a 13yo boy needs to be thinking about, KWIM?:tongue_smilie:So if I need to, I'll just send it back to the library and find something else for him to read.

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