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Foster parenting

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We have been going back and forth about foster parenting for 5 years. Finally, this year we feel like we are in a good place and ready to make the commitment. We are planning on fostering kids younger than our youngest. We are planning on being licensed through a private placement agency where I know others that foster through them and are very happy.


I have a lot to learn and know that it won't be easy. Anybody here that is or has been a foster parent? Any advice or stories? Thanks so much!

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Congratulations on your decision!!!! I think it's wise of you to foster children younger than yours. It's always good to keep the birth order (if possible). I recommend really talking to your birth children about all of this and making sure they understand that the children that will come and stay with you are only staying for a little while and that they (your children) will stay forever. (I've seen this sort of anxiety in my children when we started)


I also recommend reading up on FASD as many children that come through the system have been affected by drugs or alcohol in utero. It's not something that is recognized easily by pediatricians (but there are people working hard to get more awareness out there ;) )


I also second the RAD research. That's another big issue too :(


It will be a long road for you. You will have days where you want to scream and cry at the injustice. You will also have days where you'll feel such love and overwhelming joy with your foster child.


If you have any questions, etc, feel free to pm me anytime :) We're going through the process again of re-certifying. We had fostered over 20 kiddos in a few years time then had to take a break because ds7 was diagnosed with FASD and we needed to get him the help he needed. (He came in at 8 days old and was a foster placement ;) )


Anyway....good luck and keep us posted :grouphug:

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