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Artisan Bread in 5 Min - Kindle version?

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I've never purchased the Kindle version of a book with pictures. I would be reading it on my iPad using the Kindle app. Will I be missing a lot? If there are photos, I'm guessing they won't be in color since the Kindle is black and white, or am I wrong? Should I just wait for shipping on the paper version? Thanks!

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I know nothing about the Kindle, but do you really want to bring an e-reader into the kitchen? I'd be worried about spilling water or something else on it.


I have a spot I always put it where I feel it's pretty safe. Almost any recipe I follow comes from the internet. I have a few family ones written out, but other than those, I'm almost always going off of my computer.

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I love my Kindle, but in the case of a cookbook, I prefer the actual book version. I like to browse cookbooks, even familiar ones, and the Kindle would make that difficult. If you're the type who just goes to the recipe you want, then I don't see why it wouldn't work. Having it in the kitchen wouldn't be a problem for me either. I often bring my laptop in the kitchen to follow an online recipe.

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