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What are your grammar goals with your SN's child?


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Ds is just 6, but I still have my hopes of doing a fairly "rigorous" (hate that term but oh well :001_rolleyes:) grammar program. So far, he likes Grammarland and Schoolhouse Rock, and later we'll do the Sentence Family and other narrative approaches to parts of speech. We do a few grade-level grammar worksheets now and then, and he does fine. I will look into MCT when he's older, but I have a feeling I might opt for a more traditional approach to parsing and diagramming. Even so, I'll probably emphasize editing more than analysis. Oh, and since we do a lot of games and pretend, I will probably take the tact of tweaking whatever program I purchase and make lots of games.

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My main focus is to have her understand the basic parts of speech and how they work in a sentence. Next, I want her to be able to put together coherent sentences.


:iagree:I have found that for ds, an excellent problem solver, an understanding grammar has given him an important understanding of the pieces. These are the important things I have seen:


1- Spelling (is that a verb? add an -ed not a -t, is that an adjective/ adverb-- that would be -ly not le)

2-Assessing whether he has complete sentences (look for subject and predicate)

3- understanding how to vary his sentence structure by moving phrases, or starting a sentence with an adverb.

4- He understands how to make his writing "richer" by adding adjectives and adverbs


To that end, I have found the Writing Skills books by Diana Hansbury King to be indispensable.


Other than that, I personally am not a super huge fan of grammar as a stand alone study. For ds, I am really looking at a much more practical knowledge.

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