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someone tell me why I should buy Scott Foresman

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I've recently purchased, but haven't used them yet.


This is what I like from what I see: Discussion questions start with comprehension, then move up through analyzing and extending. Literary term is reviewed (or introduced) and applied for each selection. Writing suggestions for each selection. What I especially like, compared to current public school texts that I've seen, it that the work for each selection is just a a couple of pages. Presentation is very clean - no distracting sidebards, pages and pages of skills, etc.. There are many interesting features (articles) on related topics (e.g. Reading a Short Story, Staging Plays in Shakespeare's Time, etc). In the back are both a handbook of literary terms (with detailed examples) and a writer's handbook. The U.S. and England editions are arranged chronologically with commentary on the various movements of literature throughout time.


These books only include one or two whole novel selections, so I plan to add in whole novels, applying the terms and/or writing suggestions from the book.


These books can be found so inexpensively, you might want to purchase one to preview. I believe Patterns is for 9th and Traditions for 10th. I don't think you would need to do Patterns before if your student will be in 10th.

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