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What homeshool programs are available in Vancouver Wa?

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A friend had to pull her daughter from private school. She is a veteran hser and finds her daughter missing the social part of school.


She is Battleground School District but willing to do the papers for a boundary transfer if needed.


She knows about





Evergreen SD ps/homeschool hybrid (I don't remember the name)

funding through CVA-not what she is looking for.


I know there are many Friday School programs but don't know the names to research them.

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I have family in Camas (not that close to your friend but east of Vancouver) that did some kind of alternative program thru the Camas school district. The kids went to the school 1 day per week for assignments and teaching times with teachers. They then spent the rest of the week at home doing the work. The kids were considered students of the district and could participate in all activities the district provided. I often compared it to homeschooling because so much of the work was done at home with the parents.

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She MUST check out this site for social activities galore!! There are TONS of really great field trips available.




If she attends this conference in May, she'll find a lot of social activities for home schoolers.




Here's a pretty good list as well.



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