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Wall Lettering - How do I make them?

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When we moved to this house I ordered, from Leen the Graphic Queen, some truly amazing wall graphics. I LOVE them.


Plus, we rent. So, no painting, no holes in the walls, etc.


It looks like we are moving. So now, my very expensive graphics aren't coming with us. :glare:


Unless that handy little machine is over $200 or so dollars, it makes more sense to buy the gadget than to order more graphics.


Can anyone tell me what I'd need to make custom wall acrylics? Other than a LOT of practice!?!

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Silhouette runs deals all the time. I bought mine on the Cyber Monday deal and I love love love love love it. I've used it for several projects. Cutting vinyl on it is very easy. It comes with software that is very easy and user friendly. It can only take vinyl up to 9" wide though, so if you'll feel limited by that look into the Cricut that can take 12" materials.


Oh, and the silhouette machine is awesome. . . the silhouette brand vinyl, not so much (at least the regular, I haven't tried their premium). I bought some vinyl at Expressions Vinyl and it was so much nicer quality.


You may find you use it for much more than vinyl too. For example, I used it to make a bunch of little gift boxes at Christmas, filled them with candy and gave them away to Sunday school teachers, gymnastics coaches, etc. You can use it to make cards, cutouts, glass etching, cut fabric, etc. If you "like" Silhouette on Facebook, they'll keep you up to date on all the sales and they post great tutorials all the time.

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I sell vinyl lettering through Uppercase Living, and before you leave your rental you could try pulling your expressions off the walls to re-use them. They're not made to be re-used, but that doesn't mean they can't be (it's always worth a shot). If you have a ton, it might be more frustrating than it's worth -- but if you have a couple of faves, you could try. When we moved last summer, I wanted to bring one of the ones from our old home to this one. It was a custom I had designed for the mirror in our bathroom that says "You're my favorite!" (family joke). This one was of course applied to glass (non-porous), which grabs the adhesive much more than a wall (porous) -- and I was still able to painstakingly pull it off the mirror with tweezers, put it on the some backing paper (I bet the non-wax side of wax paper would work), and transfer it to the mirror in our new place.


Just a thought! If you need a sample word to see if the wax paper idea would work, let me know and I'll pop one in the mail to you.

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I am considering purchasing some machine too, but get turned off by the amount of "extras" one need to acquire. Like the cartridges and such. Now, I see that there are two options mentioned here. DO they also need cartridges and such? Thanks. Be well


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