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I just joined Spark People

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I have got to get in shape!!!! I'm going to the beach in 14 weeks, and I really want to start working on this now. I've always eaten whatever I want, and at the age off 33, it has caught up to me. I've never been really thin, but now I'm pushing a size 14, and I'm not happy at all. I have about 40 lbs I would like to lose. That would put me at the weight I was when I got pregnant with my first daughter.


For three days, I have been really watching every bite I put in my mouth. I know three days is not much, but it's a start. I exercised for 30 minutes on the Wii tonight. I was running about a year ago, but I haven't run in months. I need to at least start walking again and work back up to running.


So a friend suggested I join Spark People, and I did, but I got overwhelmed after five minutes on the site. As soon as I put in my height and weight it told me I was obese and need to lose about 50 lbs. I am big boned, and I will NEVER be petite. I think my 40 lb goal is just right. I would like to understand how Spark People works. Do you go on each day and log what you eat and how much you exercised? Thanks!!

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Well I joined sparkpeople more for my son. He is on a super low fat diet. So it helped us to get a handle on helping him to get enough calories without getting too much fat.


I did join for myself and I could lose weight too. But I have not gotten back this year to see about using it for me to loose weight.


Give it time. Soon you will get the hang of it.


If you can leave it up all the time on your computer that would help so that you could just add things as you have time.


oh I loved being able to put in my own reciepes and getting the counts for them.

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Welcome, Nakia! Every morning I read (skim) my sparks mail and log in. I will usually leave my sparkspage open on one tab on my computer for the day.


At different times I've found it helpful to log different things. At first, it was too overwhelming to log in everything. So I didn't. I picked one habit that I wanted to get started - for me at first it was drinking enough water. And I logged in my water intake. Then I added in logging in other things. Right now I'm primarily logging in my food because learning how many calories are in my usual portions of food is important to me right now. As I've logged in food, I've started to weed out those foods that blow my whole calorie budget for other foods that are lower calorie but will still hold me without leaving me starving.


I have to admit that I do not go to the Well-Trained Sparks Team every day but I do check in there about once a week.

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Every day I plan out and enter my food for the next day. Leaving food up to chance tends to be disastrous for me. I also try to follow the cardio recs and the strength training exercises. The demos are a big help. The site is a bit overwhelming, so I prefer to log on with my smart phone. It's much easier to look at!

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