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catfish tasting dirty

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I have never had this problem before. I have been eating catfish my whole life and cooking it for at least 1/2 of my life. I have bought it and caught it many times before. I bought a package of fillets at Kroger last week while they were on sale. Farm raised, USA catfish. I cooked 4 today (broiled with lemon pepper and olive oil) and they tasted dirty. It wasn't the seasoning. I have 6 fillets left and I don't want to throw them away if possible. Is there a way to get the dirty taste out before I cook them next? I can 't soak in milk or buttermilk because we have milk allergies and intolerances. If I breaded them and fried them would that help?

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My grandfather would always soak his catfish in lemon-lime soda before cooking. I never questioned why, I just knew his fish was always tasty (and I'm not normally a fish lover). Interesting that his method goes along with the finding in the article linked above about using acid to eliminate that taste.

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I was getting a pedicure from a Vietnamese woman, and we were talking about fish, and her likes/and dislikes.


One thing she mentioned about Catfish, is that "her people" (her words) DO NOT EAT catfish in the winter, as the fish are scavengers and their fish tastes more muddy in the winter, due to swimming closer to the bottom of the lakes.


They do eat it in the warmer months...as it's not as dirty/sandy tasting.

Hope this helps.


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