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Favorite Intellego resources for K-2 (or gr 3-5)


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Although I missed their half off sale last month, I recently discovered Intellego Unit Studies just last week. I've read enough reviews to know I want several of these to go along with what we're already using for science, history, and geography. I'm so psyched that they offer many subjects for the K-2 age, and I think we could even go some of their Grade 3-5 range as well to go in more depth.



Anyone have any favorites (or duds)? Here's what I'm thinking to get this month, all of these are K-2 age:


  • Across the United States
  • American History Volume 1: The First People
  • Maps!
  • States of Matter
  • World History I: In the Beginning
  • The Animal Kingdom
  • Life Science: Habitats
  • Geography: Continents and Cultures
  • K-2 Economics: Goods and Services

Dang, there's just too many I want. Help me narrow it down with some suggestions!

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I have:


Countries and Cultures (which we just started using)

Habitats (which we are also using concurrently)

American History I (ended up changing plans temporarily but I really like it and can't wait until American History 2 is out)


I want to get:

Across the United States

American History 2 (not yet available)

and maybe some of the Civics ones.


I'm sticking with just the K-2 ones for now. My kids are just 5 and 3 so I expect to be going through them again in a few years. There is plenty of information to use them more than once. I find we are only using about 1/2 of the information this time through.

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