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Rod&Staff - at what level...?

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I am looking to switch to R&S for grammar for next year. However, I am looking for a grammar curriculum that will include items such as adverbial clauses and gerunds for the coming year. R&S's website is not very detailed. Does anyone know at what level I could expect to find these items introduced? If it is not included, there is no point in switching from our current curriculum, as going beyong the basic parts of speech is what I find lacking in our studies. Thanks! Brownie

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at about Book 7. If you look in the table of contents under chapter 3 the title is called Nouns. It talks about verbals as nouns. It will use the verbals in that section.


Hope that helps.


Blessings in your homeschooling journey!:001_smile:






:iagree: The 6 book has clauses, but I don't remember it getting into the parts you mentioned. You can see samples at http://www.rodandstaffbooks.com.

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R&S 7 covers gerunds, infinitives and substantives in Chapter 3 Nouns. Adverbs are covered in Chapter 8. Topics in that chapter include Prepositional Phrases as Adverbs, Adverb Clauses, diagramming these clauses as well as using adverbs correctly.


We are using 7 this year, these topics were not covered in R&S6. I have 7 if you have any other specific questions.

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