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Spelling /Word Study: Middle School Schedule

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I'm wondering how others schedule spelling /word study in their middle schoolers day....do you follow WTM suggestions? Does something else work better for retention/understaing?


WTM , (copyright 2009) suggests Guidelines for the Logic Stage on pgs 458-462, and it changes from 6th to 7th grade in that 6th grade is suggested to do 15 min/day spelling, 40 min/day grammer, while 7th grade is suggested to do 45 min 1x/wk for spelling (using Spelling Workout books), then word study for that day and the next 4 days @ 5min/day (and the usual 40 min/day grammer).



I am breaking up spelling/word study now at 3x/wk from 15-20 each day....it seems to be working well, but just curious what others experiences are (were) w/ this?

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Last year, 5th grade, I had my son spend 10-15 mins on spelling a day. He was able to get through 2 Spelling Workout lessons a week.


This year, 6th grade, he still spends 10-15 mins, but now we only do it 2 days a week, and he gets through 1 lesson a week.


He is getting ready to transition to word study and I am not sure how we will handle that. But most likely he will make cards on Monday for the roots and affixes, which will take longer, probably 30-45 mins. Then just review them Tues and Wed, which depending on the number of cards would take 5-10 mins. Then on Thursday do the exercises for 10-15 mins.

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Amy, Thanks, it is good to hear what you are doing. I think we will continue w/ our Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, as it is working...and oh, Thanks for mentioning the cards, sometimes this falls by the wayside, but I think it is worthwhile :). Enjoy your Sunday, we finally have sun and temp's in the low 40's (a real heart wave up here..)

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