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High school strategy and testing

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Just looking at all the options out there I am trying to narrow things down a bit to know what we should focus on in high school. It seems it is worth taking the pSAT and the SAT and or ACT. Then it makes sense to me to CLEP out as much as possible. But then there is AP exams and I am wondering there should you just focus there on what validates for the child's future major like for instance science and math or should we be looking at history as well if we feel our child can do that?


Anybody willing to share their plans or advice? Trying to keep focused.:)


If it helps our plans are to try for scholarships but if that is not enough then we plan to CLEP out of what we can and do the CC route before a university.

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Testing basics:


PSAT--11th grade for Natl Merit Scholarship--given 1 day in October/yr

SAT/ACT--different types of test but either will do for college entrance & scholarships --given multiple time/yr


CLEP--not all U's accept them, esp. for classes req. for major, but can be a great way to do college on the cheap.

AP--Great if you pass the test. Check to see about AP classes


In our experience, Dual Enrollment was the greatest thing since sliced bread! #1 got her AA @ hs graduation & will get her BA this spring after 2yrs/U. In FL, all classes matriculate w/state schools & her private in-state took them all too.

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I do not see CLEP as such a great thing.

First, not all universities will allow the credit.

Second, I am not convinced that the CLEP test in all subjects is as rigorous as the corresponding university course. I would not suggest using CLEP to test out of introductory math and science courses in a student's intended major.

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