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My husband, master of overkill.

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I notice that our bedroom lamps blink when we turn them off by the wall switch instead of turning the lamps off. This seems to have coincided with our switch to the new energy-saving bulbs. I mention to dh that I think the bulbs may be making the lights flash. He says no, that couldn't possibly be it; we must have a short in the switch. He buys and

installs a new switch. No difference. Must be the other switch. Changes that. No difference. Wait a minute! It must be the lamps! Checks the wiring on those. They're fine. Now he's completely confuzzled. hmmm... could it be? is it possible? Puts the new curly bulb in a lamp in another room and... it blinks! It was the bulbs all along! Who'da thought?!


I love him, but the man makes me seriously crazy.

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I was POSITIVE you must be talking about MY dh :lol:


We've had a problem with our toilet handle for 3 months, but it's not because of the latest handle or the installation. . .no. . .apparently, *I've* suddenly lost the ability to tell when it's flushing right and when it isn't!


All these years of flushing toilets, who would have thunk it! :D


I KNOW this should be a simple fix, but NO. . . :001_huh:

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Boy does this sound familiar! Last night I was going to take the children to a movie. I try opening the garage doors, which my husband replaced. Wouldn't you know, it. won't. open. I told him several times, they are acting up. Of course, he never witnesses that. I think home projects are great- when they actually work!:D

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My neighbor's garage door opener turns on my fan's lights if I leave the switch in the "on position" and turn it off with the remote.


And they get back very very late each night.


Can you change the code in your remote? There should be a switch inside the remote and a switch inside the ceiling fan housing that you can coordinate to a different setting.


(But when we tried that - we couldn't get the lights to work at all. Then my dad the electrician tried to get it right - couldn't but when we tapped it a few times - voila! it worked.)

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Once upon a time our garage fridge stopped working. Time to get a new one, dh said. Hmmm, can't find a good one on Craigslist.


Oh but let's move the kitchen fridge out to the garage, and get a new one for the kitchen instead. Start shopping at appliance stores.


Well we might as well get all new appliances while we're at it. Now looking for all matching appliances. Should we switch to stainless steel?


Well then the rest of the kitchen needs some updating too, might look shabby with those shiny new appliances....


Remodeling the whole kitchen is the only answer. Start getting bids from contractors. Is this wall load-bearing or can we move it? Go to the city, can't get the plans. Track down the original builder, aka Flakey McFlakerson. Wait for Flakey to find the plans, which will take awhile....


About a month later, dh notices that the light on the same breaker as the garage fridge is not working either. Hmmmmm.... could it be a breaker? Flip it back on. Hey, the garage fridge works again! Problem solved.


(Flakey never got back to me, and my kitchen still needs updating several years later.)


I hope this doesn't sound crass, but we joke that just don't do anything half a$$ed around here... :)

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This reminds me a bit of a situation in our house involving a lost iPod. Dh, for reasons unknown to me, decides it MUST be stuck in the couch. mhmmmm, I had checked there, and found nothing.....


Next thing I knew, he had the couch flipped upside down and was cutting slits in the bottom. :cursing: I guess because it was easier to do that then reach your hands into the cushions????


His thought was, it is the bottom, no one sees it-- except when I vacuum under the couch and the fabric is dragging. Thus a fun sewing project for me on a Saturday.


And, still no iPod.


Really. Love him. But that problem solving, hmmmm........:lol:

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