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google books for history?


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Feel free to link me to another thread, I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for with an advanced search. I want our history curriculum to be geared toward K-3 (for my 7 year old next year, who'll be in grade 2). It can be US History, World History - whatever. I don't want activities, worksheets, tests, writing assignments. Nada. He gets enough of that in other subjects. I don't want to go to the library to collect additional books. I'm just looking for something we can snuggle and read together. I am specifically looking for e-books in an very elementary story format. Christian is fine.


Does this exist?





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Hmmm. So you want specific book recommendations? I love H.E. Marshall's books for that age. I've read Our Island Story and Kings and Things, which are both British history, maybe not what you're looking for. But you could check out her books of American history on Baldwin Project. Guerber's Story of... books are great too.

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