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I need help putting together a drawing kit

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for my son's 8th birthday. I am getting scholar colored pencils and book about how to draw the characters from The Last Airbender. I'd like to get a notepad and here's where I'm stuck... Something to put it in!


Everything I have looked at is too Mankato (lol, I left that iPhone auto correct... which corrected "babyish" to Mankato! :lol:) ahem, too babyish or girlish or on the other extreme too grown up.


Any advice on a case of some sort or something else to put in his kit?

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Everything I have looked at is too Mankato (lol, I left that iPhone auto correct... which corrected "babyish" to Mankato! :lol:)


TOO funny! I just received an email from a friend whose new phone auto-corrected her name from Patti to Patting. I thought she was sharing with me a pet name she uses only with good friends, lol.


I love your idea of the art kit. My ds has drawn for years, favoring cartoon characters. He suggests adding a gel pen for outlining once the drawing is done in pencil.

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My DD is IN LOVE with the good erasers my mom (a self-taught hobby artist) bought her. She also taught DD how to break off a chunk in order to get a very fine edge to erase tiny details with. I think it's this one, but can verify when I ask DD where it is:




I'm not sure about a case, but definitely quality paper pads and good sketching pencils too.


ETA: DD also has an Usborne Book of Drawing and Doodling that she loves (recommended by someone here). It's a bit girly, IMO (lots of flowers and hats and such), but there are a few others that Usborne offers that might be better for a boy:






She does like to draw things on her own, but the Usborne book has been a good starting point for her when she's wanted to draw but not felt particularly inspired.



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Oh, shoot, I wish I could remember some titles. My girl had a drawing kit that I put together on the advice of our at-that-time drawing tutor.


He suggested mechanical pencils over more expensive art pencils.

A white art eraser.

a variety of paper with different textures.

colored pencils and a little hand-held sharpener for only the colored pencils.

I can't really remember what else.


Then we could add things to jazz up her drawings like charcoals, markers, oil pastels et c. but those were really messy and kept separate in our house.


He had some excellent books that I do not remember the name of but were excellent for drawing any kind of animal. One book was ppl, one African animals, one farm animals, et c. He had two series: one was more realistic and one more cartoonish.


I'll look around on amazon to see if it looks familiar but I just don't remember the name.


She also had a notebook for collecting/cataloging inspiration. If she saw a movie and liked the character she could print off a pic and put it in there. If she read a book and liked the illustration, ditto. If she had a pic of something. If she read something and liked the sound of it . . . it all went in the notebook for later inspiration for her drawing.



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I second the recommendation for Dick Blick bags! Mine love theirs. And the specialty art erasers are a must. And get a Prismacolor sharpener for the pencils, the one that is self-contained, so they can be sharpened without being held over a trash container each time.


LOL, our babysitters iphone changed my name to Guns, which had my kids :lol:

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