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I'm sooo thrilled!


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I just touched base with our facilitator, requirement of our province. I got all updated with her....


So, dd11, who was literally 3 months behind in December is now almost on target.... and not only has she been busy getting it done, she has been submitting real quality work. The facilitator is extremely pleased, especially after I had expressed my concerns in December. I really love that some assignments work for 2 areas. IE, dd had to make a presentation for Social, she opted to use power point, and as a result, it qualified as well for the power point presentation that was required for LA..lol. I'm starting to like this!


For dd7, I was worried as I am not using the boards curriculum for her work. I didn't know what to submit.... ends up that despite the impression that I had, that we were behind, she has completed her grade 2 math requirements. She has to have 2 samples more for her LA, plus a reading assessment(we will record her reading and submit it), and she is done her grade 2 LA. Science we have a couple lapbooks to complete. Social is the only one we aren't near done yet. But I suspect by mid-March we will be done. That will leave only the fun stuff, art, music, Health and bible study that we have to complete. I had no idea we were making such good progress in everything.


That said, we are progressing in Math and LA, despite having her grade 2 curriculum done, the facilitator will just mark off things for grade 3, so in the fall when we start, we will have already completed those things. Which means, we'll have a good headstart, and if we have struggles we'll have lots of time to address it, or if we don't, we'll start grade 4!


I had concerns about this path, but I'm really finding that I do like it! Having the resources for so cheap for dd11 is fantastic! Her curriculum was $120 for the year. We opted to add our own bible study and a french curriculum. So another $50. We chose this as it follows what she was doing before. It is more virtual school for her, but she is really thriving, so this is good!


For dd7, I put together my own items but that will meet the standards, and will do so again, it is more costly. This is fine though, as she is thriving and exploring things. We have alot more freedom this way.


For Jr. HIgh next year, dd11 has asked to do the same program, using the board provided curriculum, but to do their "home room" program. This means she can log into class seminars and conferences. DD13 has been doing that, and again, another successful learning. I didn't have to check in for that one, as she is easier to check, as I have a report card that i see completed as things are marked.


This is going from a semi-successful homeschool year to a very successful one now!:lol:


I'm very very pleased. And so proud of my girls for getting it together!

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