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I'm dreaming of...

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I'm cold here and dreaming of when the temp will be back up to 100F :)

Of course, we do use the AC then... and the house is a comfy 82 at that point.


I think I need a "winter" home in the Southern hemisphere & a "summer home" here. Except I hate to travel. :glare:

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NZ is really getting a summer out of the box!


I guess I probably shouldn't complain as we don't have bushfires, major floods, & Catagory 5 Tropical Cyclones. The TC Wilma that hit us last week was a gentle summer shower compared to TC Yasi. It's a bit cooler tonight, so that's a bit of relief.

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Hmmm....we'll be lucky to hit 30F here today...lol


Big difference in one little letter, huh? LOL


The few days this winter that have approached 30F here have felt like summer! That's how cold it has been!


I'm really craving summer, but I also sympathize with being in 100F with no air conditioning. I wouldn't like that, either.

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