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SCM and MFW?

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SCM seems a lot "easier" than MFW. Now, take that for what it's worth because I haven't used SCM. That's just how it seemed to me from looking. I also observed that many of the books on SCM's list for high school, my dd had already read as part of MFW elementary.


I also love the way MFW weaves biblical worldview all throughout the curriculum, so it's more than just "Bible history". It's worldview and apologetics, too.


Again, I haven't actually used SCM... just looked at it a lot. :tongue_smilie: I do like the looks of their individual Bible studies, though. I've been thinking about getting the one on Romans for my oldest because in our combined teen & adult SS class, we're going through a lengthy, in-depth study of the book of Romans, so I thought that my dd having her "own" study to do at home would be helpful. The question is, will she have TIME to do a separate Bible study after doing all her schoolwork, chores, outside activities, and the Bible in MFW, too? I suppose she could work on it in the evenings.... which wouldn't hurt, since she, her dad and I are all in the SS class together. Hhmmm... I probably need to wait and see what MFW does with Romans in WHL first. ;)

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Oh, I thought of something else. MFW high school is meant for the student to be able to (mostly) work independently, after the initial learning curve to the schedule and all that. It's college-prep not only in the academics itself, but in learning how to schedule their time, meet deadlines, follow a syllabus.


I have no idea how SCM handles those things. From what I can see, it looks like SCM keeps the whole family together all the way through high school... so I'm not sure how exactly SCM prepares a student for college level study.


Also, I believe SCM follows a 6-year history cycle? Is that correct? Whereas MFW does the classical 4-year study in high school.

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I haven't used SCM (and I thought I tried everything with my older dd!). But one thing that MFW does that I was trying to do myself with older dd is read through the entire Bible in high school, alongside of related history. There are questions to keep you awake and keep you thinking, but I'm glad that MFW doesn't outline someone else's "10 doctrinal statements" like SCM seems to. I'm glad that the Bible is speaking to my child, rather than a program.


We're actually doing the MFW Bible together as a family. So far this year, we've read from Genesis through 1 Kings. My ds has also recently done the assigned Psalms project and Proverbs project of his own design (using suggestions provided).


That part is a big deal to me.


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